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Protech Offers Engine Steam Cleaning:

Our Deluxe Engine Steam Clean Package includes top & bottom power steering, sump & transmission degreased.

Our Super Deluxe Engine Steam Clean Packages includes All mechanical components, diff and motor top & bottom.

Our Complete Custom Under body Steam Clean Includes Full under carriage degreased and steam cleaned. Including the top and bottom motor.

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Protech Offers Various Cars Services:

Car Cleaning Products:

WASH & GLOSS by Protech Car Care is a shampoo wash system, formulated to work in conjunction with the Protech Paint Protection system. It helps keep Protech’s unique protective coating. It will clean and protect Protech Paint Protection even better.
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DRY WASH & SHINE is a waterless cleaning system and a protective glaze that produces an armor- like “invisible shield”. DRY WASH & SHINE does not contain wax, nor is it a polish and will not leave car paint work looking dull after use. DRY WASH & SHINE combines all best features of waxes, polishes and paint sealants without any of the abrasive problems. it can be applied over a dusty surface without leaving scratches. DRY WASH & SHINE combines specially formulated detergents, wetting agents, lubricants and sealing compounds that soften and emulsify surface grime whilst lubricants attach a microscopic boned layer that produces a slick surface protection. DRY WASH & SHINE is the prefect solution to remove light surface grime off Toughseal paint sealant.
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