Prestige Car Detailing Melbourne

As arguaby Melbourne’s most prestigous car detailer, Protech Care Care specialises in the car detaling, rejuvination and protection of painted surfaces of every type of vehicle. Protech offers the utilmate detailling packages in car care called Protech Prestige.

Protech’s 3 Stage paint correction and rejuvenation process is very gentle to the paint surface of your vehicle. We meticulosly spend hours on each panel, thoroughly correcting and treating the surface to gain the duco’s full shine, depth and feel. We obtain the utmost potential of your vehicle’ s paintwork whilst maintaining its orginality and character.

Protech’s Paint Protection is suited for all Vehicles new or old. With Gentle processes we thoroughly cleanse the duco and the apply a premium quality wax protector to help fend against impurities which are harmful and damaging. Maintaining the duco properly and keeping sealants fresh will ensure a well protected, shiny, deep glossy finish which will last and last.

At Protech we use the highest quality products along with couple of years of experience to care for your vehicle and one of its biggest assets.

Protech Car Care Melbourne has now extended our business hours

Monday to Saturday we are open from 9:00am until 5:00pm, Sunday we are closed.

If you’re ready to order or would like to discuss the details of our packages and services, contact us or phone on 0434 506 162

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