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Have you just bought a new vehicle? No doubt you’ve spent thousands of dollars on the investment, one which depreciates over time, this includes the paintwork and interior fabrics, trim and leather. For a twentieth of the cost and in some cases a hundredth of the cost you can protect, easily maintain and lengthen the life of the new vehicle
Get it protected with high quality products including paint protection and interior fabric protectants and treatments.
Protech offers a range of services which protect your vehicle from head to toe.

Below are examples of new car treatments, click on the pictures to view a more detailed picture

The beauty of new car protection is that you car’s duco and interior is treated and maintained like a regular service. Protech provides you with a service book and helps you keep the value of your vehicle.  Also because the treatment keeps your car condition in an excellent state, the car surfaces will last a lot longer and will assist you in selling your vehicle down the track.

Treat yourself and your new car today, you wont be disappointed with the results. For the latest pricing please contact us on 0430016647

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