Engine and Underbody Steam Cleaning by Protech Car Care Centre Melbourne.

Engine Steam Cleaning and Underbody Car Steam Cleaning Specialists, We offer a very comprehensive steam cleaning service. From the moment from when we start preparing your vehicle for steam cleaning alot of care is taken with the cars componets and electrical system in the engine bay.

Your vehicle is throughly degreased prior to steam cleaning thus bringing up a far better end result.

The process of Engine Steam Cleaning is an increasingly dangerous procedure and should only ever be attempted by professionals!

An Engine Steam Clean involves the removal of dirt, grease and grime from all sections of the motor. This takes a strong yet gentle degreasing, meticulous washing and steaming without touching the vehicle’s computer systems and electrics. This process is followed by a thorough drying method and dressing if the customer wishes.

Protech Car Care offer a range of different Engine Steam Cleans. The basic engine steam clean is the top of the motor only and for those who want the works, Protech offer a full Underbody Steam Clean where the car is put on a hoist and intensely worked on for hours.
All Protech Engine Steam Cleaning processes use the highest quality degreasers and highly pressurised steam that reaches in at all angles leaving your car fresh, clean and grease free.

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