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Protech Car Care is Melbourne’s leading car detailing specialist located in the Eastern Suburbs near Knox City and Boronia. Protech Car Care specializes in exterior paint protection for new and used cars, as well as full interior steam cleaning and detailing. Couple of years experience we have come to notice the need for specialized paint polishing and correction due to swirls and scratches in all types of vehicles four wheel drives, prestige cars, and many other types of cars like BMW’s ,Holden’s ,Ford’s and Subaru’s , you see many swirls and marks in paint and ducos and great detail is needed to make these correct, also the need for paint needs to be protected and treatments such as zymol carnauba waxes which is all natural and allowing your paint to breath and give great gloss to your paints surface giving mirror finish.

Also at Protech car care we can maintain your engine and bay and also underbody steam cleaning on the hoist many cars we have done that are getting restored like the a thunderbird we steam cleaned complete underneath it was amazing the results seeing after all this car cleaning and steam cleaning. Interior detailing is so important to make your car smell fresh and look great with car seat steam cleaning and shampooing and all the carpets steam cleaned , we take great care when we clean the window tinting and dashboards and vinyl using very delicate products and keeping the natural finish and look and appearance

Cars when they are detailed professionally by Protech car care sell quicker and can possibly gain higher sale prices also having your car valet cleaned on a regular basis makes travelling enjoyable and you are proud to always drive your car. Quality and time is the only way to achieve a great result with your investment and that is what we do xr falcons FPV’S HSV HDT’S whatever your choice in car we cater for looking after your interests to achieve a great result at Protech car care.

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