Car Detailing Packages

Protech Car Care Melbourne offers a variety of car detailing packages designed to suit the majority of needs. We also offer packages that you can customise yourself to meet your detailing requirements and your budget. Our detailing packages that start from $199 for a car detail and can be customised.Call us to discuss how these packages match your particular needs. Click here for some of our car clean prices

Interior Package

Do you miss the new car
smell and the feeling of
sitting in a pristine driving

Or do you have a special
occasion that requires the
interior of your vehicle
looking as good as it
possibly can?

Our Interior Car Detail
will take your vehicle from
its current state to as good
as it can look and feel in
one simple package.

The car detailing package includes avacuum & steam cleaning of the interior of your
vehicle, accessories such as
ashtrays and sun visors are
cleaned, and all plastics
and dash work is detailed.

We then deodorise to leave
your car with a pleasing

Click here for More Details on our Complete Interior Detail

Exterior Package

Regular washes can keep
your vehicle looking clean,
but over time the
appearance deteriorates
and your vehicle shows its

Our Exterior Detail will
restore that new car shine,
bringing your vehicle up to
its best possible

The package includes a full
clean of the duco and detail
of all exterior features.

We apply a Protech Paint
Treatment and then dress
the wheels, tyres and under

Click here for More Details on our Complete Exterior Detail

Custom Package

All Protech Car Care
services can be provided in
a custom car detailing package designedwith you to suit your specific vehicle detailing needs and budget.

Specific services can be
drawn from our interior and
exterior detailing packages, and also our engine steam cleaning .

Contact us to discuss your
specific needs.

Our qualified consultants
will give you a quote on a
custom package of services.

For more details please Contact Us or
phone (03) 9762 5500.

Protect Package

When you want everything
possible for your vehicle,
then the Protech Prestige
package is for you.

Protech Prestige combines
all the premium services
offered by Protech in one
comprehensive car detailing package.

When you want your vehicle
transformed into the
ultimate picture of
cleanliness using all the top
quality products and
processes in the car
detailing market,

Protech Prestige is for you.

Click here for More Details on our Protech Prestige Detailing packages

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